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Aug 6, 2020

There’s nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come.  The idea of by Carlos Sellés is such an idea.

Carlos Sellés, BS, D.C. was born and raised the island of Puerto Rico.  He graduated from Life University in 1994 and manages multiple clinics in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

You’ll enjoy this Mile High podcast with Dr. Carlos, and you’ll be inspired to help reach the second largest population group on the planet with chiropractic.  When you hear his ideas, you’re going to be super-excited to reach more people easily with chiropractic. 

Be sure to listen to the entirety of the podcast if you haven’t already, register to be a part of Mile High 2020.  You can still get virtual “seats” no matter where in the world you are and watch from August 20th – 22rd from the comfort of your own home or office.  You can register today to reserve your seats at Soon after you register, you’ll receive links where you and up to 4 of your team members or colleagues can gain access to Mile High.  After the event, you’ll receive streaming video of all the Mile High 2020 presentations.

Looking forward to seeing you and your friends at the virtual event!

Jul 30, 2020

The Mile High Philosophy and Science Virtual Summits have now become legendary.  

Dr. Dan Lyons was one of the presenters in last year’s Subluxation Science Summit. This episode of the Mile High podcast is a replay of his segment of the Summit. He’s very well known for his work with Gonstad Research.

You can hear more of Dr. Dan at Mile High 2020 from Denver, August 20th -23rd.  The Mile High live, in-person event is sold out.  The good news is that you can access Mile High 2020 virtually from around the world.  This will be phenomenal.  Enjoy this episode with Dan Lyons hear much more from him at Mile High 2020.  If you registered early, you’ll be able to attend the live event.  If you didn’t register before the seats for the in-person event were sold out, you can still register and watch everything virtually on your computer.  You can also share the link with up to 4 of your team members and colleagues.  You will also receive some special bonuses, including the streaming video of Mile High 2020.  Register at and get ready for the event of a lifetime.

Jul 16, 2020

Dr. Clint is a fan of the saying “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  He graduated from chiropractic school at the age of 23 in 1993.  After graduation he trail-blazed the road to long, slow failure!  He got caught up in the grind of dealing with insurance companies and delivering care that was pain-based.  After many years in practice, he burned out and retired from chiropractic, determined never go into practice again.  After being involved in many different businesses, he found his way back to chiropractic and has grown a high-volume lifetime wellness-oriented practice. 

On this podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • Dr. Steele’s transformation
  • Systems for retention
  •  How to have more people on more tables more often. 
  • And MUCH more!

Dr. Clint will be hosting a lunch program at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  After you hear his story, you’re going to want to have lunch with him in. If you haven’t registered yourself and your team yet, do it today at and use savings code podcast to save $50.  Looking forward to seeing you a Mile High in August!

Jul 9, 2020

In 2019 the world’s first Chiropractic Subluxation Summit took place and one of the highlights was the presentation by Dr. Donny Epstein, D.C.  On this podcast, you get to revisit that presentation in its entirety!  Take this opportunity to get a peek inside the mind of one of the legends of the chiropractic profession.

And don’t forget that Dr. Donny is one of the speakers at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  In addition, he will be featured in a full-day seminar on Sunday after Mile High.  You can attend that session as an add-on to your Mile High registration or as a stand-alone if you aren’t able to attend the Mile High event.  After you listen to the podcast, you are not going to want to miss the Day With Donny at Mile High, so register right now at

Jul 2, 2020

During this year’s Mile High Philosophy Summit, Dr. Monique Andrews did an incredible segment.  So here she is again on this episode of the Mile High Podcast!

Dr. Monique is a true gift to the chiropractic profession.  She says she’s often thought of as a scientist, and really, she’s a 33-principle chiropractor and then some. She and her partner, Dr. Tamara MacIntyre, D.C. of The PRANA Foundation are experts in clinically applying principles of Polyvagal theory in your chiropractic practice.

Drs. Monique and Tamara’s personal and professional partnership began in 1994, as graduate students at the Institute of Neuroscience in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. From operating a shared practice, The Prana Group for 13 years, to joining the academic leadership team at an accredited Chiropractic College, they have seen their profession—as well as the whole of integrative and functional medicine—evolve rapidly during their careers.

As chiropractors, educators and students of the human experience, this 25+ year journey has both challenged them and helped them to grow immeasurably. They have traveled the world, won awards, lost parents, and reimagined chiropractic education, only to see the larger industry fail their students. The Prana Foundation is the culmination of these diverse experiences.

You’ll get to hear Drs. Monique and Tamara teach in a breakout session on Saturday morning at Mile High.  After you listen to this episode, you’ll definitely want to be there.  If you haven’t reserved seats for yourself and your team as yet, do it right away at and use savings code podcast to save $50.

You are in for so many amazing treats, when you rise up to higher Chiropractic altitude at Mile High 2020.

Jun 25, 2020

Dr. Amanda’s favorite quote is, Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land amongst the stars.” And she helps her practice members and other chiropractors do just that! She’s a board certified pediatric chiropractor, DACCP, also in Maternity and Family Wellness Care.

On this podcast, you have the opportunity to hear from a highly successful chiropractor, who has a gift for detail and helping doctors take their practices to the next level. Dr. Amanda runs two Million Dollar practices in Michigan, and has for years. In this episode, she shares some awesome ideas about how to move past the obstacles to that unfortunately block so many from having $1M practice.

Dr. Amanda has a love for Chiropractic, for serving patients, and for helping other chiropractors explode their practices, and she’s darn good at it. You’ll hear details in this episode will help you take the next steps toward building the practice of your dreams.

During this year, people need you to help them get healthy and stay that way. You need to extend your reach to serve more.

You also have the opportunity to hear Dr. Amanda speak from stage at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd. Reserve seats for yourself and your team at (INSERT LINK), and make your plans to be on higher ground to reconnect with your chiropractic community. You’ll enhance your chiropractic philosophy, vision, and business strategies, so you can impact more lives! Be sure you register before July 1st, because your registration investment will be increasing then. To save an additional $50, use savings code podcast when you reserve your seats!

See you in Denver in August!

Yours in chiropractic education and excellence, Dr. Daniel Knowles, D.C.

Jun 18, 2020

Grab a pen and paper because this Donny Epstein podcast episode will need to be heard more than once to digest all the ground that he covers. There’s so much going on during the circumstances, and he shares some tremendous insights.

Dr. Donny graduated NYC 40 years ago. He established two chiropractic practices in New York City. He left private practice to research, teach, write, and develop models of healing and personal evolution consistent with the original chiropractic impulse. He has personally attended to about a quarter a million people in his career with this approach and practiced on all 7 continents.

His models, approaches, concepts, and Network Spinal Analysis system have impacted thousands of chiropractors and millions of those whom they served. His work has researched in 10 universities. People have gotten their masters and Ph.D. degrees in engineering mathematics and psychology studying the effect of Network Spinal Analysis on the central nervous system coherence.

He is a chiropractic master, one of the Chiropractic profession’s living legends, and a force of nature and love. He has been a tremendous supporter of The Mile High Experience, and it’s an honor to have him teaching at Mile High once again in 2020!

Donny is one of the featured speakers at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd. And an additional bonus day has been added to the Mile High weekend on Sunday, August 23rd. You can spend an entire day with Dr. Donny, going even deeper into the philosophy, art, and science of Chiropractic.  How often do you have a day to have a Q&A session about anything and everything to do with Chiropractic with one of Chiropractic’s legends? Dr. Donny will be talking and answering questions about Chiropractic philosophy, research, hands around the table, pediatrics, and everything that you want to cover that can be covered in a day.

So, after you listen to the podcast, you’re going to want to register for the bonus day at , and if you haven’t reserved your seats for Mile High yet, be sure to do that right away and add the Donny Epstein bonus day to your registration.  Be sure to make or amend your travel arrangements to stay over on Sunday.  Register at and use savings code mhpodcast to save $50 off your registration.

Jun 11, 2020

What if you could have a high-volume, family-focused cash practice?  And when I say cash practice, I mean no credit cards, no checks, just cash.

In this podcast, you'll hear from Dr. Judd Nogrady, D.C. who runs two practices in New York, and checks over 25 newborns per month.  He also runs additional businesses and is a Schubel Vision founding member.  Before he became a chiropractor, Dr. Judd was a New York City police officer.  Chiropractic changed his life and the lives of his practice members.  He can help you change your life and the lives of people you take care of.

Dr. Nogrady has co-written three Chiropractic books, Cast to Be Chiropractors and Schubel’s Holy Grail of Business with Dr. Liam Schubel and Dr. Frank Hahn and Gold: A Lifetime of Love in Chiropractic with Dr. Irene Gold.

He, his wife, Dr. Veronica Nogrady, and their two children make their home in upstate New York.   

You’re going to totally enjoy listening to him on this podcast, and he will also be one of the featured speakers at Mile High 2020 in Denver, August 20th – 23rd.  His experience will help you gain more financial abundance and better outcomes.  If you’re haven’t already reserved seats for yourself and your team for Mile High, do it right away before the registration investment increases again on July 1st.  When you register at, use savings code MHPODCAST to save $50 off!

Jun 4, 2020

A Colorado hometown hero, Dr. Joseph Arvay, D.C. has been involved with Colorado leadership for change in chiropractic for more than 20 years.

He’s a Chiropractic Specialist in Northglenn, Colorado.

He graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College - West in 1991 and has diverse experience in the health field, especially in Chiropractic.

He has a tremendous passion for Chiropractic and for Mile High.

He helped with the Colorado Chiropractic Wellness Alliance and has been the kick-off speaker at Mile High for the past 7 years.

He’ll do it again at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th -23rd.

On this podcast, you’ll hear Dr. Arvay’s take on:

⬛ Healing during this interesting global experience.

⬛ Healing being an electric process

⬛ Healing from the inside

⬛ And MUCH more!

Enjoy this podcast episode with Dr. Arvay and come hear him live on stage at Mile High 2020.

If you haven’t registered yourself and your team for Mile High as yet, do it now at and use savings code MHPODCAST to save $50 on your registration.

Looking forward to seeing you a Mile High in August!

May 28, 2020

The current health situation in the world has created a number of difficult challenges for the Chiropractic profession and for society in general.

Dr. Liam Schübel is a chiropractic ambassador to the world. He is co-author of two internationally acclaimed books.

His first book Cast To Be Chiropractors, is an inspirational story that illustrates two chiropractors’ lifelong journey of passionate service to humanity through the practice of chiropractic. His second book, Schubel’s Holy Grail of Business, has been called by many “the fundamental textbook” for chiropractic business success.

Liam served for 8 years on the Board of Trustees for Sherman College of Chiropractic as Vice Chairman.

He is the past President and a current board member of the International Federation of Chiropractors Organizations (IFCO).

“The Schübelnator”, as he is affectionately known on the international speaking circuit is unstoppable when it comes to bringing vertebral-subluxation-centered chiropractic to the world.

And now, he’s becoming known for being an ambassador for freedom and human rights during this time of upheaval and uncertainty.

On this podcast, you’ll hear:

• How the profession has been adversely affected in past months
• The imbalances and freedoms that have been taken away
• How chiropractors can respond to the current situation in a positive way
• And MUCH, MUCH more!

The Schubelnator will featured once again this year as one of the more-than-25 amazing speakers at Mile High 2020 Vision in Denver, August 20th -23rd.

If you haven’t registered yourself and your team yet, get it done before the June 1st registration investment increase.

You can register now at and use the savings code MHPODCAST to save $50.

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